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Altemasi is CAVIT’s premium range of sparkling wines featuring wines of the highest quality, the fruit of winemaking passion and traditions, which best express Trentino’s well-deserved fame as a top-quality wine and sparkling wine producing region.

These unique wines, created using the Metodo Classico winemaking procedure in which the second fermentation is carried out in the bottle, are made from 100% Chardonnay grapes (Millesimato and Brut) or blended with Pinot Nero (Graal, Pas Dosé and Rosé) under the prestigious denomination TRENTO D.O.C.

The Local Area

Vines are an integral part of the landscape in Trentino, where lush vineyards stretch from the plain up into the hills, blending in harmonically with the mountain environment. Vine cultivation extends over an area ranging in altitude from 70 to 800 metres a.s.l.

Here soil composition is extremely varied, like the climate: considerable differences between day and night temperatures in the period leading up to the grape harvest impart a fresh, highly complex, elegant bouquet. These unique characteristics make Trentino an area highly suited to the production of premium quality sparkling wines.


TRENTODOC means quality and respect for tradition. An exclusive name synonymous with passion, experience, strict regulations and constant controls.
The “Trento D.O.C.” appellation was the first of its kind in Italy and the second in the world, after Champagne.

The Trentodoc trademark highlights one of the main characteristics of Metodo Classico: remuage, represented by the two “O’s” in the trademark featuring a swirling design that suggests the rotation of the bottles. But just one taste of Altemasi Trentodoc and everything becomes clear. Visit